After School New Member, Gaeun

Posted by galih on Tuesday, April 10, 2012

After the announcements of the addition of After School member, it's time for Pledis to dismantle the identity of After School new member. As reported by Starnews via allkpop, After School new member is none other than Gaeun, 17-year-old girl who had undergone a very intensive training period in Pledis and claimed to have the best performance and most powerful vocal than others Pledis' trainees.

Recognized to have good musical skills, Gaeun finally unveiled to become a new member of After School. Gaeun who spent her junior high school in Japan and has the ability to speak Japanese fluently, are expected to contribute a lot to promote After School in Japan.

"I'm nervous and excited now because I just inaugurated as a new member in(After School). I want to be an important member that useful for the senior from After School," said Gaeun.

Pledis reveals, "After School is a group that is always changing, with the addition of Uee, Orange Caramel and Yiyoung since their debut. We hope you look forward to the new After School with the addition of new members, Gaeun."

Gaeun will appear first as a member of After Scholl after the launch of After School new album on June 21.
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